meeting With members and cadres and friends of the movement in Berlin

Berlin / Germany

In the 20,th of this month President of Movement for Pluralistic Society Ms. Randa Kassis Gathered a meeting With members and cadres and friends of the movement in Berlin.

at first the new organ was presented and then the read out the names of the attendees.

And the meeting agenda . 

the session was run by Ms. Randa Kassis, head of the movement and Mr. Afaq Ahmed the Secretary General of movement and Jean Baber Organization Director of the Movement.

The meeting was to discuss the terms by Ms. Randa Kassis, members, cadres of the movement within the atmosphere of democracy without forfeiting any opinion.

And there was a discussion about the current Syrian situation and regional countries and the countries that play a role in the complexity of the crisis and resolution. Including Astana 2 in Kazakhstan.

As the movement believe that the size of the State of Kazakhstan and the fact that it has no direct interests in Syria may contribute in solving the Syrian crisis more than the regional countries that support its agenda whit fundamentalist and Salafist troops such as Turkey and Qatar.

The movement confirmed that it is with finding a peaceful way out on the basis of dialogue with the warring sides in Syria and to stop the Syrian bleeding and immigration.

In another context also the head of the movement – Ms. Kassis- emphasized the unity and secular belief that Federalism must be derived from the privacy of the Syrian society and is not an imitation of any federal system because Syrian society and its ethnic and religious pluralism varies from any other communities .

She also mentioned the preparation of a general conference of the movement. According to the mechanism of organization, communication and coordination between members of the movement internal and external, and how periodic meetings are for the unity of the movement speech and its intellectual and political orientation.

And set up offices of the movement inside and outside Syria in order to communicate directly with the Syrians wherever they are.

At the end the meeting there was an election of the members of movement for pluralistic society Office of in Germany .

Media: Mr. Ginco Sharif

Organizing : Dr. Ahmed Halak 

Public Relations: Dr. Ahmed Halak and Mrs. Shirin Ebrahem

Presidency Office – shared – Dr Loucian Al Dbaisi and Mr Adnan Dali

The meeting was attended by …

Mazloum Abdi

Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud

Mamo Issa 

Sami Omar

Shirvan Hussein 

Joan Mohammed

Mohammed Abdi 

Mustafa Ali 

Genghis Mustafa 

Ayman Ghoujal

Fadel Al Dali 

and other friends of the movement

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